Oklahoma Patriots New Website

We wanted to let you know that we just launched the new Oklahoma Patriots Homeschool Football website.  This site will provide our coaches, players, and their families with a great resource of information, in addition to helping spread the word about our Patriot teams.

Some of the really BIG, new features include:

  • LIVE FROM THE FIELD: We will be able to post updates and scores directly from the field – LIVE – by using Twitter!
  • Scoreboard: We’ll be able to post the scores in our scoreboard from each game!
  • Blogging: We can provide information and stats from each game or discuss the game with others!
  • Rotating Image Header: Who doesn’t want to see action photos???
  • Flickr Photos: We will have a Flickr account with team photos and game pics!
  • Videos: We can use YouTube or post our own in password protected areas of the site.
  • Password Protected Pages: We will be able to make sections of the site public or just for personal use!

There are a lot of other sweet things that will be happening here and we hope you enjoy the Oklahoma Patriots Football site.

We do want to thank iThemes and their team for developing this website specifically for the football team and donating the iTeam theme and design services to get this website launched.  Thanks to iThemes!

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