2011 Patriot Players Take Field With Latest Helmet Technology

New for the 2011 season all Patriot players, both High School and Middle School, will be wearing the latest in football helmet technology. The Xenith football helmet is a revolutionary helmet design that is completely different from any other helmet on the market. Check out the Xenith web site to learn about the unique benefits of this helmet over the traditional Schutt or Riddell designs – http://www.xenith.com/football/innovation/

We tested a dozen of these helmets last season and were very pleased with the result so the decision was made to outfit the entire program with Xenith’s. We have been able to make these and other equipment upgrades while continuing to keep the player fees very reasonable – Patriot player fees are lower than any other similar program in the region.

Below is a brief explanation of the Xenith technology:

Xenith® was founded with the goal of reducing the risk of concussive episodes by providing both innovation and education. We’ve created an innovative product, and we’re committed to delivering the education needed to complement that product. When you choose Xenith, you’ll see things differently. You’ll become enlightened.

Xenith Adaptive Head Protection® is a system of integrated technologies designed to reduce the sudden movement of the head by adapting to different energy levels. It provides optimal performance when players need it most.

Traditional padding materials are designed primarily for high-energy impacts: they are too dense and stiff for low to medium impacts, and can’t adapt to impact energy. This causes the head to move suddenly during impact, increasing the risk of a concussive episode.