The Oklahoma City Patriots begin their 2021 campaign today with a road game at Nike Dallas at 7:30 p.m. Saturday

The game was originally scheduled for Saturday.

The Patriots enter the season ranked No. 10 in the country by the National Homeschool Football Association. Nike Dallas is ranked No. 2.

“They are fast and have good size,” Patriots coach Chris Toney said of Nike Dallas.

Two Nike Dallas players were named this week to the Top 200 private school players in Texas. Quarterback Cam Mitton is a 6-3 quarterback who made the list, along with offensive lineman Rayce Thompson.

The Patriots are coming off winning the Division III title last year at national. The squad has experience in seniors Elijah Gray,
Deangelo Coberley, Jonathan Marcott, Patrick Cuellar Jr, Charlie Wallace, Noah Jordan Dawson, Noah Raymond, Hector Morales, Marvin Pennel, Bodey Ihrig, Noah Marley, Qorban Darkis.

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