Photo courtesy of Scott Carter, Epic News Network

Patriots 1-1 going into Friday’s road game at the Royals

It was about as close as you could get.

Look at the stats from last week’s 22-6 Oklahoma City Patriots win over Blackwell and you’d see a breakdown of offensive plays – 25 passes and 23 runs.

The balanced offensive attack did its job and boosts OKC into Friday night’s road trip to Community Christian in Norman.
Quarterback Melvin Pennel showed a deft touch, going for 235 yards on 18-of-24 passes, including three touchdowns. The rushing game was a head-turner as well, as it got balanced in its way.

The running game hit more than 100 yards, with Dylan Mahoney sharing carries with Noah Raymond, with seven and eight runs apiece.

The two seniors are a study in contrasts and that’s the way coach Chris Toney likes it.

“They both have a strength the other doesn’t have,” Toney said. Mahoney is quick and can dodge tacklers in the open field, while Raymond is more of a power back. “It’s a nice one-two punch. Any time you can have a kid that’s able to run over somebody in a one-on-one situation and get short-yardage, that’s a good situation for us. And we also have a young man (Mahoney) who the good Lord has blessed with tremendous speed.”