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The OKC Patriots empower home school families through faith and football excellence.

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Are you ready for a home school sports experience that transcends the ordinary? OKC Patriots invites you into a realm where football isn't just a game but a platform for growth, mentorship, and unwavering faith.

Our program isn't confined to the field; it's a comprehensive journey that instills character, values, and leadership. As you venture into the world of home school football, trust us to provide the guidance, support, and camaraderie you're seeking.

Faith-Based Values

At OKC Patriots, we weave Christian principles into every aspect of our program, nurturing not only athletes but also individuals of strong moral character.

Athletic Excellence

Unlock your athletic potential with OKC Patriots. Our program empowers athletes to strive for excellence, setting the stage for remarkable achievements.

Character Building

Beyond touchdowns, we focus on fostering strong character traits that shape our players as leaders, mentors, and role models in their communities.

Lifelong Friendships

Discover more than teammates – discover lifelong friends. OKC Patriots creates a supportive environment where lasting connections are made.

Learn About OKC Patriots Football

Step into the realm of OKC Patriots, a program that's rewriting the narrative of home school football. Since 2002, we've been dedicated to guiding young athletes through a journey that marries faith, leadership, and athletic excellence. Our evolution is a testament to the transformative power of character development, values, and the bonds that transcend the game. Join us to experience football that's rooted in purpose, faith, and lifelong friendships.


Begin your journey with OKC Patriots by discovering a faith-driven approach to football that shapes character and values


As you engage with OKC Patriots, watch your athletic skills and character virtues grow through faith-based coaching and mentorship.


Through the journey with OKC Patriots, you'll achieve not only in sports but also in values, friendships, and leadership.

About OKC Patriots Home School Football

Welcome to the OKC Patriots, where the thrill of the game meets deep faith and character development. Since we started in 2002, we've been on a mission to provide home schooled young athletes in Oklahoma City and beyond with a transformative football experience. As a faith-based organization, we prioritize values, mentorship, and camaraderie alongside athletic prowess.

Our program isn't just about touchdowns and tackles; it's a journey of growth and achievement. We believe that faith and sports can coexist to create well-rounded individuals who excel both on and off the field. Whether you're a parent seeking a nurturing community for your child or an athlete looking to embrace your faith while pursuing football, OKC Patriots welcomes you.

Off Season Workout Facility

5000 S Santa Fe Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73109

Home Football Field/Practice Field

4712 S Santa Fe Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73109

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Get in the game and join a faith-driven football community. Your opportunity to excel in both faith and athletics starts here.